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This site is going to be huge. The ideas just don't stop coming! 

Unfortunately, I don't think I can do it all myself, so I'm looking for some people to help out.

What I'm Looking For:

  • Article writers
  • Freebie designers
  • Branding designer
  • Forum moderators
  • Content editors
  • Something I haven't thought of? Go ahead and apply..

What I Can Offer

  • Free Hosting (whatever you need)
  • Access to premium themes/plugins I use
  • Mentorship (mostly web development, business, and mindset)
  • Exposure (the more successful Lala Land is, the more we can promote you)
  • EXTREMELY LIMITED monetary compensation (for now)
  • A change to get in on the ground floor

How To Apply

Just reply to this forum post answering the following questions. Then, keep checking back. I will be in contact with you via the board's messaging system.

Your Name:
Your Website:
What Can You Do?: 
Link To Examples:
Why You Want To Be A Part of Lala Land:


Thanks for applying!


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