Welcome (Back) To Lala Land

Maybe you’ve been here before, maybe you haven’t. It’s been a long time since the glory days and a few failed attempts at a resurrection.

Well, here we are at the final attempt to bring this site back and make it something that will provide inspiration, motivation, and the tools needed to help others achieve their goals with their own sites.

 I’ll be working on the site over the next couple of weeks and releasing content as it’s ready. Please check back to see how it’s going.


08/02/2019 – Spent the day planning the content flow for easier direction on what to create first. Can’t wait to have help!

08/01/2019 – Lala Land is taking applications for “staff members” and contributors. Click here for more info and to apply.

07/31/2019 – Added a forum page so people can communicate if they want. Join now!

07/30/2019 – Put up a home page to tell people what’s going on!

07/29/2019 – Installed WordPress MultiSite along with my favorite theme and plugins.